CCTV Equipment

  • DIY Home & Business CCTV Kits
    DIY Home & Business CCTV Kits

    Kits include all equipment needed to set up a cctv system.

  • DVRs

    range of budget and full featured recorders with 4, 8 and 16 channel inputs.


    HD-SDI DVRs allow a high definition video signal (up to 1080p) to be recorded for HD evidence

  • NVRs

    Network Video Recorders work in much the same way as DVRs but are designed for a network structure

  • Cameras

    A selection of mono, colour and day/night cameras as well as IR lamps and lenses.

  • HD-SDI Cameras
    HD-SDI Cameras

    These cameras transmit a High Definition Signal (up to 1080p resolution) over standard coaxial cable.

  • IP Cameras
    IP Cameras

    A selection of internal and external IP network cameras

  • PTZ Cameras
    PTZ Cameras

    Internal and external fully functional dome cameras from Silverline and Eneo.

  • HD-SDI PTZ Cameras
    HD-SDI PTZ Cameras

    Get astounding quality (up to 1080p) from a HD-SDI PTZ camera which then give you up to 18x optical zoom

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
    Thermal Imaging Cameras

    These cameras pick up IR radiation and convert it into the visible spectrum allowing you to see heat

  • Lenses

    Fixed iris board lenses, fixed iris standard lenses and auto iris vari-focal lenses.

  • Brackets and Housings
    Brackets and Housings

    A range of internal and external camera brackets and housings.

  • IR Illuminators
    IR Illuminators

    Infra-red illuminators to give non IR cameras lower lux level viewing.

  • Cable

    Different lengths of RG59, 4 core power cable and pre made cable for CCTV use.

  • Power Supplies
    Power Supplies

    A range of standard plug in and inline PSU's as well as metal enclosed power supplys.

  • Connectors

    Many different types of connectors from crimp BNC's to prewired DC leads

  • Hard Drives
    Hard Drives

    A range of IDE and SATA hard drives as well as the SV35 surveillance drives.

  • Monitor Brackets
    Monitor Brackets

    A Selection of TFT and CRT Monitor brackets for wall, ceiling or desk mount.

  • Monitors

    Professional flat screen monitors, CRT monitors for CCTV use.

  • Transmission Equipment
    Transmission Equipment

    CAT5 video and power transmission baluns and Silverline BiWave transceivers

  • Misc.

    Various accessories such as tools, fixings and fittings.

  • Detection Equipment
    Detection Equipment

    Detection equipment for triggering DVR recording or activating PTZ alarm inputs

  • Network Switches
    Network Switches

    Connect your CCTV cameras to a local area network (LAN) with a network switch


CCTV Equipment

CCTV Equipment

CCTV Camera Equipment - Wireless Security Cameras & DVR Systems

If you’re worried about security in your home or business premises, a CCTV camera system is a must. Our security products are easy to install and use.

At Traderswarehouse we offer an extensive selection of CCTV camera and security equipment. This includes wireless cameras, CCTV kits, DVR systems, monitors, monitor brackets, cables, connectors, detection equipment and transmission equipment. Our security camera range offers professional products at unbeatable prices.

About Traderswarehouse

CCTV Camera Equipment The CCTV security cameras we supply are fully tested. By purchasing CCTV camera systems from Traderswarehouse you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality products available in today’s ever changing market place. We constantly update our products as new models become available.

Contact us about our CCTV Equipment

If you wish to speak to a security equipment expert, call us on 0844 8844 044 or email us at

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